Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chapter 2

58                                                                                                                                59

60                                                                                                                     61

62                                                                                                                       63

64                                                                                                                               65

66                                                                                                                              67

68                                                                                                                               69





74                                                                                                                              75

76                                                                                                                         77

78                                                                                                                              79

80                                                                                                                           81

82                                                                                                                                   83

84                                                                                                                             85

86                                                                                                                            87

88                                                                                                                                89

90                                                                                                                               91

92                                                                                                                                  93

94                                                                                                                                95

96                                                                                                                                 97

98                                                                                                                                       99
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  1. not sure if my comment posted properly - i really loved this comic, erik! well done. the economy, humor, invention, and pathos all really impressed me. i wish i was teaching again so i could use this. you should do this with other long, difficult books like ulysses or gravity's rainbow or proust. or maybe keep it russian and do gogol or dostoevsky next. anyway, congrats agin.

  2. thanks.

    gogol is what i'm working on now, dead souls, another one of my favorite books, hope to have it done before new year's.

    after gogol, i want to tackle the poe novel.

    after poe will come robert louis stevenson.

  3. Dead Souls is a perfect choice. I'm really familiar with that book & think Gogol's style is well matched with yours. Can't wait to see how you render Chichikov!

  4. I love this! I'm reading War and Peace currently, so it's been fun to read this alongside the novel. I'm excited to see your take on Dead Souls.

    Thank you for this!!

  5. thanks so much for the kind words! makes me very happy.
    i don't think i know you, so it's actually pretty thrilling to hear positive feedback from a stranger.

    i am hard at work on Dead Souls, and i hope to finish by this summer (it's taking longer than i thought it would).